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Graham Elks 30 Album


30th Aniversary CD from Graham Elks - the UK's Premier Rock Guitarist. 30 shows off some of Grahams best work to date.. out now and available to purchase from our shop - click HERE to go there now..

Updated: 11th March 2015


Graham Elks makes top 20 World Guitarists

demoGraham Elks recently achieved position in the top twenty guitarists in the world. Check out Grahams unique playing and awesome style right here right now...

Updated: 20th March 2015


Graham Elks uses Tonerider pickups:


Updated: 20th March 2015

About Graham Elks


Graham Honed is Skills as a musician during the mid 1980's and early 1990's playing in various bands.

 However he found his true place in the rock world when he decided to record a Guitar Instrumental album in 1997 titled Kingdom of Rock - at the time this was a ambitious project considering he was going to write all the music, play all the instruments and record the album on a basic Tascam 4 track multi track tape recorder.

 17 years on with a further 12 albums, Graham performs all these tasks with total mastery and on a quality level of his more famous and respected peers.

Equipment and recording methods have changed considerably in this time, so has music in general, however Graham continues to make music that’s is never influenced by trends yet remains dramatic, exciting and above all! true to what Graham believes Rock music should be about - ‘Good honest Rock ‘n’ Roll’

Quotes by others for Graham and his music...

Stunning Guitar work, quite magnificent: One of the best kept secrets in Rock! - Paul Baker ARFM radio

Your guitar sings perfectly. Love the leads. Smooth! Killer tone! Very well done man! Keep it up! Great Work:
Mick – SWYM

Graham! You sound like Black Sabbath Prog style! Robert Silverstein - TCG mwe3.com

I strongly believe that you are one of the most talented guitar players around! Each song puts me into a different world! Omar Traboulsi

'Can this guy do anything wrong? Everything he puts out is a sure bet. Projects which are never tiring, and above all: always captivating. - Don spiller

'When it comes to shredding/ bleeding instrumental blues/hard rock, Graham Elks
his the master. Omar Traboulsi

Superb!! Extraordinary CD - its total perfection for it's guitar shredding audacity comprising soaring/blues/ neoclassical guitar solos combining with very good keyboards performance. Each song is amazing.
Omar Traboulsi

Stunning!! Yet again Graham Elks the shredding guitarist from UK delivers another outstanding stunning guitar work. Omar Traboulsi

Unforgettable!!! Definitely a must I mean a must have for anyone who appreciates the magic and the beauty of guitar instrumental music, so buy it now!! . Omar Traboulsi

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The UK's Premier Rock Guitarist